Personal Training

Achieve Your Goals with a Tailored Personal Training & Fitness Programme

Our aim is to treat each person as an individual and only after a series of comprehensive testing will a course of action be prescribed.

Personalised Training Programme

One of the major benefits of a personalised programme is that you know you are exercising safely, using the correct techniques at all times, under expert guidance from a qualified trainer.

Enjoyable Fitness Activities

With Mark Watkins Personal Training, not only will you receive professional coaching to help you achieve your goals, we will also make sure you enjoy your exercise and fitness programme along the way.

Working With Expert Trainers

We have carefully selected a high quality team of experts who are known to get results and are great to work with – real people who’ve been in your shoes and understand what you need.

Kids Fitness Exercise Programme

We also provide a 'Kids Fitness' exercise programme for children aged 7 to 16

What Are the Benefits of a Personal Training Programme?

Personal training can help you achieve your fitness goals, here are a few of the benefits:

Weight Management
Improved Body Shape
Increased Muscle Mass
Increased Energy Levels
Decreased Body Fat
Sports Specific
(Martial Arts to Marathons)
Improved Posture & Core Stability
Nutritional Guidance